Sliver Wave International is under processing to set up new company to support global business activities to Silver Wave Energy, Silver Wave Resources, Silver Wave Capital and Silverwave Trading.

Silver Wave Energy Company Limited established in May 2005, registered in Singapore.
The main purpose of SWE company is to enter the Exploration and Production ( E & P ) business around the world both Onshore and Offshore.
In year 2006 and 2007, SWE company entered the Exploration and Production business in Myanmar Offshore block A-7 and Onshore block B-2 respectively by signing PSC contract with Myanma Oil and Gas Enterprise ( MOGE ) .
In year 2009, SWE company joint venture with MEO Australia Ltd. signed contract for Australian Offshore blocks AC/P-50, AC/P-51 and AC/P-53.
In year 2009, SWE company awarded Exploration Right permit for four Offshore shallow blocks ( Blocks 2931C, 2931D, 2932A and 2932C ) from Petroleum Agency of South Africa ( PASA ).
In year 2011, SWE company awarded Technical Corporation Permit ( TCP ) in three areas ( TCP-55, TCP-56 and TCP-57 including 30 Offshore blocks.
In year 2013, SWE company awarded Exploration Right permit ( ER ) for above three areas ( ER-12/3/277 Area-1, ER-12/3/276 Area-2 and ER-12/3/275 Area-3 ) and the Exploration Right permits are signed on 15-10-2015 in Cape Town between SWE company and PASA authorities after EIA/SIA approval.

Silver Wave Trading Company Limited established in 1994.
The Multi-Trade businesses are : -

  1. Silver Wave Gasoline Stations : There are three Silver Wave Gasoline stations
    1. Pawsanhmwe Road, Thingangyun, Yangon
    2. Minbu Township, Magwe Division
    3. Nahtogyi Township, Mandalay Division
  2. Production of fiberglass reinforced plastic boat
  3. Mineral Exploration and production
  4. Exporting agriculture products

Silver Wave Capital Company Limited is incorporated under the Myanmar Companies Act in ( 19-8-2016).
Silver Wave Capital Company Limited is Non-Bank Financial Institution and may engage in one or all of the following activities Subject to any conditions and restriction imposed by the following : -

  • Finance company business;
  • Leasing business;
  • Factoring business;
  • Credit card business;
  • Money services business;
  • Any other credit business the Central Bank may prescribe;
  • Such other activities determined by the Central Bank

The authorized capital at the company is Ks. Ten Thousand Million only and increase up to Thirty Thousand Million in first year, according to the business growth the capital.